William Ball


Lynn and I have been thinking about moving out into the real country. We found this area about an hour or so South of where we live now. You can buy land in this area for about one tenth of what it costs around here. So you can buy fifty acres for what you could get five for around here. In fact the place we found is even less than that. It seems like you have to get satellite internet out there however. It looks as though Hughesnet rural internet availability is about the only option out there, which is pretty clearly not an ideal situation. You have to think about whether or not you could find something that was sufficient in a location where there were more options. Of course we are going to have a good bit of money due to a little bit of serendipitous fortune relating to the land we have now. This place has increased in value dramatically since we bought the land around twenty three years ago. Back then the area was completely undeveloped and we bought just under four acres of land and built a house on it. Other people built houses in the area, but about ten years ago the road that we live on started to get a lot of retail development. Right now one of those big box stores is interested in buying our land and the land adjacent to it. We really can not say no to the price that they are offering. So we are going to have enough money to do almost what we want. I am thinking about buying the land and building a nice little farm house, then building a barn and buying a small tractor. Obviously it is all just going to be little more than a hobby.


I have been doing without any sort cable TV or anything like that since I moved in to the place I am living now. It was a necessary decision. You just are not required to have a pay TV service, although like most people I enjoy having it when I want. Of course I had to have the Internet and I paid for that, even though I settled for a thirty dollar per month wireless internet provider. At any rate now I have the money for something inexpensive and I have started looking for more information here about the subject of satellite TV packages. Obviously I have decided that the local cable company just charges too much money and it certainly appears that in my price range the best deal is going to be on a satellite system. I have some thought of doing something a bit on the clever side. Of course my brother in law is the one who was telling me we could do this.

He already has a satellite system and he is paying about thirty five dollars a month for a relatively decent package of programming. He has a good package, but not anything like the best variety that you can get. He has two of the decoder boxes, one for his den and another for his living room. I think he has their version of the DVR as well. The extra box costs him five dollars a month more. So he could get two more boxes for 10 dollars more a month. Of course the idea is that you can get another dish and put it on the roof of my house. The bill would go up to 45 dollars a month and maybe you add a couple of channels, then the two of us split the costs.


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That more than anything is no doubt a difficult task; finding a place that we can call home. It’s amazing when you can finally find that one place that makes you feel like you’re actually at home. Growing up for me was difficult because I never had anything like that. My family was constantly on the move thanks to my father being in the military. I may have been granted experiences that many kids my age may have wished they ahd themselves but for the most part I only wished that I had more stability at home.

Stability would have been wonderful. I did poorly in school because of a lack of it. I just never felt comfortable wherever we were and it made me not want to do any kind of work. Now as an adult I often feel the same lack of desire to want to finish any of my work if I’m currently in a place that has little to no sort of stability; not that I don’t do my work now! Whenever I’m out of town for work it’s the strongest. Luckily they don’t send me out as often as they used to.