CINTEP Seeks UK Distributors for Its Revolutionary High-Efficiency Recycling Shower Systems

The Brisbane, Australia-based company is actively searching for qualified distributors of its ultra-efficient showers (which use 70 percent less water and energy compared to conventional showers) in the UK.

Brisbane, Australia (PRWEB) April 14, 2014

Reducing environmental impact and energy costs without compromising ones enjoyment of showers thats what the breakthrough technology of CINTEPs innovative digital and electric recycling Power Showers promises. And as the manufacturer gets ready to make its patented recycling shower technology globally available in early 2015, CINTEP announces plans to sign up distributors for its market in the United Kingdom and give both residential and commercial customers access to this one-of-a-kind system.

The water recycling shower is designed to provide more water at a showerhead than the shower actually consumes. Three litres of fresh drinking water are used to start the shower. The system then captures the shower water before it goes into a plug or drain, and pumps it through a recirculation circuit which contains three separate filter types as well as a pasteurisation system. This means that the water is filtered three times, heat-pasteurised, diluted with 30 percent fresh drinking water, and then immediately re-used by the person in the shower. The filtration process takes no more than 25 seconds.

Once the shower is turned off, all the water will be drained the system cannot be restarted until the water is drained completely. Water is never stored in the shower, so each user can be assured that they will never use another persons shower water every time the system starts, three litres of fresh drinking water are provided.

Because CINTEPs shower system gives 9 litres per minute at the showerhead but only uses 2.7 litres per minute to do this, users get water savings of 70 percent. And since the recirculated water is already warm, much less heating is required, which also means energy savings of 70 percent for the household or commercial establishment.

“Our mission is to make it possible for an average shower user, without compromising on their enjoyment of showering, to consume 20 litres or less of water per day, with a payback on additional cost of less than 3 years, for 50% of the population,” says a CINTEP representative.

The CINTEP Shower System can suit a wide range of residential bathroom designs. Homeowners who are renovating their existing bathroom, adding a new one, building a new house, or are not making any changes to their current home but would like to experience the technologys benefits, can have the system installed with no hassle at all. The system is also suitable for commercial or larger-scale applications (such as hotels, leisure centres, gyms, cruise ships, university facilities, etc.) wherein a high number of people will be using the shower each day, with high utility costs.

According to CINTEP representatives, global distribution of the Shower System is available on three different levels: non-exclusive distribution, exclusive distribution, and manufacturing under licence. Potential distributors must also fit the following ideal requirements:

Established companies with a track record of supplying products within the built environment
Financially stable and can commit to stock purchases over a three-year minimum
Prepared to attend training courses in Australia on the product, installation and support
Able to provide maintenance and support for the product
Able to manage the process of obtaining certification and approval necessary to install the shower in the territory (if they are the first distributor in the territory or are asking for exclusivity in the territory)
Able to prepare, fund and manage a launch campaign and subsequent advertising and marketing within the territory

To discover more about how the CINTEP Shower System can be incorporated into home and commercial bathroom ideas and for more information on the distribution process, visit today.

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