Copyright license choice

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  1. Copyright license choice
    Image by opensourceway
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    Copyright license choice

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    Poll: Do you use a Creative Commons license?
    Poll: How long should copyrights last?
    The Supreme Courts Golan decision gives short shrift to the public domain
    Copyright paradigm shift in visegrad countries
    SAS v. WPL decision addresses boundaries of copyrights on software
    Congressional group briefly opens up on radical copyright reform, then takes it back

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  2. Licence Plate
    Image by anadelmann
    Picture of a licence plate on a trailer taken on a little market in Ennis, Ireland.

  3. Exemption Licence at the Anchor Hotel in Moville, Co. Donegal
    Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
    Dont think weve come across one of these newfangled exemption licences before, have we?

    Photographer: Almost certainly Robert French of Lawrence Photographic Studios, Dublin

    Date: Circa 1905? (Definitely post-1887)

    NLI Ref.: L_CAB_03696

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