K for Kaja

A handful Excellent k Snapshots

  1. K for Kaja
    Image by // tumblr // facebook // 500px

  2. K.
    Image by Kua Ky Kuc

  3. Andrew W.K. (I get wet), acuarela sobre papel, 31 x 31 cms, 2009
    Image by Sr. ConejoMarketing Campaign from Casale Media pertaining to Totesport –

    Cartula que hice para la expo "Piratera sentimental" en La Residencia. El lbum es I get wet, de Andrew W.K.. Para los que no lo conocen este es el video que mas me gusta de l.

  4. Ma.k KAUZ 01
    Image by (vhmh)
    My last Ma.k Build for this years wonderful Ma.ktoberfest! This is by far my biggest Ma.k creation. It is also my favorite of the three I have done. Again this is not 100% accurate, but it is what I am happy with.

    It has excellent mobility. My favorite feature is that it can cross its arms ;). I encourage you all to see the rest of the shots of this.

    Inspired by graybandit2000 and pascal.

    And one last thing: "RESPECT THE SUIT"


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