5 Things to Consider For Your Wedding Backdrops with your Photo Booth

A photo booth rental is a new trend popularized by many individuals of all ages, and are frequently being utilized at tons of local weddings, corporate events, holiday gatherings, and much more. You are able to customize the props utilized in the photo booth, usually for a nominal fee, to match any occasion and photos are often shared via the Internet immediately after they have been taken via text, email, and social networking. Many people love the convenience provided by these rental companies, as well as the ability to enjoy photos from every angle possible. They are also extremely affordable, with prices ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on what features you choose. There are basically two different types of photo booths: digital photo booths and film-based photo booths.

photo booth rental

If you plan to visit a new city for your wedding, it would behoove you to rent a photo booth rental before your big day. New cities offer an abundance of amazing venues that you can visit for receptions, wedding ceremonies, or honeymoons. Many of these facilities rent out their exhibits for various functions every single day, so there will be plenty of options available when it comes time to rent. You should be able to find at least one photo booth rental within a five-mile drive of your hotel or other location, which means that you’ll arrive at your destination without having to waste time driving around trying to find one. When you arrive at your desired location, you can enjoy all of the benefits associated with the photo booth rental, including:

o Reception With so many photo booths in operation, you may think that it would be hard to find one that you want to rent. But, because these rentals are so popular, most locations have them, which means you’re bound to find one you like. Some of the best places to find photo booth rentals include hotels, resorts, tourist attractions, and theme parks. All of these locations rent out their equipment on a daily basis. The amount of space available for rent will vary, so you need to figure this out before you arrive at your preferred rental. There are also some locations that only accommodate small groups, so you might not be able to find the space needed for your newlywed couple photo shoot.

o Gifts and Treats Some couples choose to receive photo strips instead of gifts. The photo strips allow you to personalize the photos that you take, while allowing the recipient to keep the item they received as well. Most people like to purchase picture frames, candies, and other treats for their guests, but photo strips are a better option if you aren’t looking to spend too much money on a gift. It’s also a great idea to keep everyone’s gifts in a box with a personalized tag so that everyone knows what is inside.

o Gourmet Food and Drinks Food is always a hit at a wedding, so consider ordering a few digital cooler for your guests. You can either rent them for your entire wedding party, or for individual guests who will be bringing food and drinks to the event. Food and drink can also make great wedding favors, so order them in advance so that they arrive just in time for the wedding. You can also purchase nyc photo booth rental in the nyc area for those who are arriving in from out of town.

o Social Media Connections It’s important that your guests enjoy the event so you might consider including social media connectivity in your photo booth rental package. The most popular social media networks today are Facebook, Twitter, and instagram. Your guests will love being able to share photos from your event with friends and family, or even with you on instagram. If you’re looking to connect with your guests after the event, consider adding instagram posts to your blog or website for a chance to generate some buzz.

o Backdrops When booking photo booth rentals, it’s important to check the backdrops included in the package against the theme of the event. Many venues offer pre-made backdrops that you can rent, but many venues also offer the ability to create your own custom backdrops. A background is simply a painting that is placed over the booth before each event. Custom backdrops range from simple butterflies and flowers to cityscapes and other artistic scenes. Make sure to choose a backdrop that compliments your wedding colors and theme.

The bottom line is that you have many options for your photo booth rental package and can tailor each one to meet your budget and needs perfectly. To get an idea of prices for various packages, look for online services like Resale Clipboard to find out what options are available to you. Also, check out the many different online accessories that can make your booth more interesting and fun to use.