Buck and I Bought a Piece of Land on the Lake

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Buck and I Bought a Piece of Land on the Lake

We spotted the land about five months ago when we were fishing, or more to the point we realized that it was for sale after we saw some surveyors putting up stakes and tying orange tape on them. It took us some time to talk the seller into a price we liked and then we went to http://energyproviderstexas.com to figure out who might hook it up for us to get power there. Of course we wanted to get it ready to use on the weekends as quickly and cheaply as we could, so all we needed was some electricity. Then we went to see my great aunt Betty, she had an old camper trailer that had not been moved since Uncle Walt died about four years ago. She tried to just give it to us, but we gave her a thousand dollars for it. That was less than it was worth, but not by much. Of course it is not that awesome, but we are just going to be there to sleep and eat.

Ideally we would be able to keep a boat here, but it seems pretty likely that some kids would steal it and go for a joyride if we did. However I got an old john boat and there is not much reason we can not leave it there and chain it to a tree. If someone stole it that would not be great, but I would not get overly upset about it. In fact we are not that far from a public boat ramp and the next thing to do is to get a price on a floating dock. Once we have the power on and we put in a concrete slab to park the camper trailer we shall be just fine in the short term.

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