Digital Sandwich Sign Boards

digital sandwich sign board

A digital sandwich sign board is a versatile advertising medium that lets you display dynamic information. With digital signage, you can update your business hours, calendar, and phone numbers, as well as provide other important information. It can also work in conjunction with other forms of advertising. It can be used as a door sign, an evening open sign, or even a closed until further notice. The possibilities are endless. Read on to learn about the benefits of digital sandwich board signs.


The DigiStopper digital sandwich sign board features a lightweight, cordless design and a powerful battery. This digital sign board is ideal for outdoor advertising and features a long run time and a high-resolution screen. Its impact-resistant body and waterproof rating make it an excellent choice for outdoor use. The digital sign board will generate an excellent ROI over the years. And since it’s completely cord-free, it will save you money on installation costs, too.

With two 43″ full HD screens, the DigiStopper is an effective outdoor advertising solution. It is highly maneuverable, with a long battery life. It features robust digital signage software that allows you to display rich content. It is also supported by CoronaVirus restrictions to keep your sandwich sign board free from viruses. The board can be customized to look and feel as desired, and can also be moved to different locations. This makes it a versatile marketing tool for any location.


The DigiA-Frame digital sandwich sign boards are an excellent advertising solution. With an Android 7.1 operating system and a 43″ 4K UHD screen, this board is the perfect choice for promoting new products, in-store promotions, and more. This unit features a collapsible piston hinge, two wheels on the base, and convenient handles for easy transportation. Its sleek design makes it easy to transport, even indoors.

Unlike traditional sandwich boards, the DigiA-Frame digital sandwich sign boards can be installed outdoors. They’re battery-powered and suitable for use next to a store selling advertising goods. The DigiStopper features a dual 43″ display, which will capture the attention of passersby walking from two directions. The DigiA-Frame is available in static and touchscreen display formats. To learn more, check out our product page.

DiViEX Slide Show App

If you’re in the market for an advertising signage solution, consider the sleek DiViEX 43″ touchscreen, an Android 7.1 operating system, and a 4k UHD screen. Using this unit, you can display product videos and in-store promotions on it. Thanks to its collapsible piston hinge, two casters, and rubber foot pads, it can be easily moved around.


The DiViEX digital sandwich sign board features a cordless design to accommodate busy environments, and can be used in conditions from 36 degrees Fahrenheit to 109 degrees. Its internal climate-controls extend the battery life and allow for overnight charging. The bright and crisp display keeps promotions visible even in the most sunny locations, and its robust body resists impact. Regardless of the weather, the DiViEX board is the perfect advertising tool for your business.

Its sleek design is perfect for trade shows, retail stores, and car dealerships. The 43″ screen and Android 7.1 OS make this digital sandwich board a smart choice for any business. This board also features a locking mechanism and collapsible piston hinges. Regardless of its size, it can display text, images, or videos. You can even display your company’s website or other promotional materials.