Factors Affecting the Packaging Cost of a Product

Packaging is an art, science and technology of protecting or enclosing goods for safe storage, distribution, display, and usage. The packaging also includes the methodology of creating, testing, designing, and producing protective packages. The purpose of packaging is to ensure the safety and protection of goods by preventing damage, theft or loss. It also aids in the distribution of goods to the end users.

Packaging plays an important role in businesses in a number of ways. Firstly, it increases the speed and efficiency in which good and functional goods are made available to customers. It also reduces costs associated with warehousing and distribution of goods. Secondly, packaging offers a competitive edge over other firms in the market by serving as a first layer of defense against imitation or fraud. Packaging therefore provides the essential services of making the goods look more attractive, appealing, durable, and protective.

The methods and equipment for packaging vary according to the nature and function of the product. Therefore, there are different packaging methods applicable for different purposes. Some of the commonly used packaging methods are discussed below.

Clear Plastic: Clear plastic packaging is ideal for products that are delicate. These include infant formula bottles, skin care bottles, dietary supplements, baby bottles, water bottles and the like. Consumers prefer this type of packaging because it allows easy inspection of the contents of the bottle without needing to open or scrape the whole bottle. Also, clear plastic material does not attract any type of insects such as bees or maggots. However, there are some consumers who find it difficult to remove the unwanted contents of the bottle. In case, they face any such problem, they can make use of heat, chemicals or any other techniques to remove the debris.

Clear Pouches or Wraps: For products that have a large weight or volume, clear pouches or wraps are preferred for packaging. The advantage of using this packaging method is that the customer does not have to be wary of the product value and the way the package is being handled once they open the pack. The advantage of using the pouches or wraps is that the product does not need to be held on to. Most often, the packaging cost of such packages is low due to low production of the product. However, there are some consumers who claim that the packaging makes the product hard to handle. They also say that the material of the pouches or wraps are difficult to clean.

Post-packing: This packaging method involves the packaging itself as well as the handling and delivery of the goods after the packaging process. It involves the packing of the goods in a box or container in such a manner so that it occupies the least space possible. At the same time, it provides ultimate consumer convenience by reducing the handling and delivery time of the product.

There are other factors affecting the packaging cost of a certain product. These include the brand value, market demand and competition, quality, size, shape, design, utility, transportation methods, return policy, and ease of returns. Knowing and understanding these factors affecting the packaging cost of a particular product can help you get the best package deal for your product. The Internet provides many websites that can help you find the best packaging deals.

If your product has a high packaging value, you will have to pay more for the packaging. In addition, if the packaging includes special or unique contents, the packaging may have to cost extra. The same case holds true if the product packaging includes fragile and valuable materials. The packaging may have to be highly durable and water resistant; both these factors have to be taken into consideration while choosing the packaging.