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Living in the Big Apple NYC

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Located in New York City, the Metropolitan Region encompasses all of the boroughs of Manhattan Island including Staten Island. DescriptionNew York City includes 5 boroughs namely: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island. In its center is Manhattan, a dense ethnic-rich borough which is among the world’s major commercial, political and cultural centers. Its distinctive landmarks include skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and wide-stretched Broadway showhouses. Its iconic tourist destinations include Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty and Macy’s.

An ideal place to live in New York City is with apartments that are within the best commute neighborhoods. Apartment living offers easy accessibility to everything major metropolitan areas have to offer – from the best hospitals, shopping malls and entertainment facilities to major job centers and schools. With an apartment home, residents can save both time and money commuting to work everyday. Residents who prefer to live in the comfort of their own homes can opt for apartments in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, hip East Village or midtown Manhattan. Residents of Queens can choose from apartments in Queens’ flush neighborhoods such as East Village, Astoria and Greenpoint. A lower cost option is to rent a townhouse in Manhattan’s neighborhoods like SoHo, near the subway and downtown.

Living in Manhattan is easy with several options on where to move to next. If you are planning on relocating to New York City but are not quite sure what boroughs you want to live in, then you might want to consider a two-bedroom apartment if you are looking for a cheaper option compared to a one-bedroom apartment. If you are an arts lover, then a three-bedroom apartment would be perfect for you. If you are a sports fan, then a four-bedroom apartment or even a six-bedroom house would be more than enough space for you to fulfill your dreams.

Located between Staten Island and Brooklyn, Manhattan is a bustling island that has just begun to feel the effects of gentrification. Located directly in Midtown Manhattan and around the island of Manhattan Island, the neighborhoods of East Village, Hasidieck Square, broadsides, and Maspeth, among many others, are directly located right in the heart of NYC. Located between the ferry building and the island of Manhattan Island, these neighborhoods are filled with trendy new condominiums constructed right on the water in luxury towers overlooking the Ferris wheel and Central Park in Manhattan. These neighborhoods, along with ones in Queens and Brooklyn, are the destinations of choice among locals and tourists.

Flushing through the Manhattan attractions and seeing the dazzling lights and sounds of Times Square and the Broadway theaters is definitely something you will never forget in your lifetime. The most famous and visited destination in the vicinity of the Brooklyn Bridge is certainly the world renowned “Wiggles” attraction. With its world class swings, slides, and luge, there is definitely no way that you could say you haven’t seen this attraction before. Another great place you must visit is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Considered as one of the finest botanical gardens in the entire world, the New York Botanical Garden holds some of the most beautiful plants in the entire world.

Not only can you have fun visiting the various locations in the New York City, but you can also have an awesome time partying in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. The two boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens have gained popularity as home to some of the trendiest neighborhoods in the whole city. In terms of residential areas, Brooklyn is best known for its hip and happening neighborhoods such as East Village, and Boerum Street. Boerum is a neighborhood situated in Boerum, New York and is famous for its historic character and the “old world” charm. Both of these neighborhoods are very popular among young people and famous people. For party lovers, both the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens offer numerous opportunities to party all night long, thanks to the number of nightclubs, bars, and bars available in the neighborhoods.

When you are looking for a new and exciting place to live in the New York City, you must not forget the neighborhoods of Queens and Staten Island. Both of these neighborhoods are very popular among the college students who are looking for a new and exciting place to live. Living in a home in either of the neighborhoods of Queens or Staten Island, you can feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to those who live nearby. However, being a resident of either of these neighborhoods, you must be aware of the importance of caring for your environment. Taking care of the environment will help you enjoy the fresh air, sparkling lights, and cleanliness of the New York City without worrying about the condition of the local air, water, and soil.

The best way to get to the different neighborhoods of New York City is by using the New York City subways. Buses are also available from the various boroughs of New York City and will take you to the neighborhoods of New York City. One thing that you must remember is to never drive on the expressways because they are not safe. Most of the drivers who operate the expressways are drunk and it is very likely that you will get into an accident. Taking public transportation is the better option and it will also save you money on parking, fuel, and car insurance in New York City.

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