Seeking Stability and a Home

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Seeking Stability and a Home

Finding great apartments seems like a slim chance these days. After the housing market crashed and burn we saw many Americans choosing apartment life over the choice of re-financing their homes, buying new ones or worse: those who had been forced from their homes completely. It’s a seriously sad state of affairs for many people. Despite the marketing showing signs once more of becoming a healthy investment, I still don’t feel safe buying a home so instead I found a really great apartment at the Hernon Walk Apts. It’s not what I would normally go for but it’s a place I can see myself calling home for a time.

That more than anything is no doubt a difficult task; finding a place that we can call home. It’s amazing when you can finally find that one place that makes you feel like you’re actually at home. Growing up for me was difficult because I never had anything like that. My family was constantly on the move thanks to my father being in the military. I may have been granted experiences that many kids my age may have wished they ahd themselves but for the most part I only wished that I had more stability at home.

Stability would have been wonderful. I did poorly in school because of a lack of it. I just never felt comfortable wherever we were and it made me not want to do any kind of work. Now as an adult I often feel the same lack of desire to want to finish any of my work if I’m currently in a place that has little to no sort of stability; not that I don’t do my work now! Whenever I’m out of town for work it’s the strongest. Luckily they don’t send me out as often as they used to.

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