The Benefits of Custom Packaging Boxes in Manhattan, NYC

Custom packaging boxes can be designed to perfectly accommodate the size and shape of your product, with features like dividers, inner packing pieces, and foam inserts to protect it during shipping.

An eye-catching box can help promote your brand by encouraging new customers to post unboxing videos on social media, increasing both customer base and sales.


Custom product packaging can help your business create meaningful connections with its target customers and set it apart in the market. Packaging should reflect your vision as an organization; whether large or small.

Customized boxes can help reduce shipping costs. Their precise designs enable them to fit their contents precisely, eliminating the need for fillers such as shredded paper and packing peanuts that add unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, you can add inner packaging pieces and dividers that keep products from shifting during transportation.

Box inserts can highlight special promotions or feature charity partners to encourage repeat purchases and build customer loyalty. Customized boxes can be designed to reflect your company’s branding and logo for an unified image.


Environmental awareness has grown across society, leading consumers to seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint and are willing to pay more for products with eco-friendly packaging that uses recyclable material, which also feature unique design elements to draw customer loyalty and build customer retention.

These durable boxes are an ideal option for businesses concerned with their environmental footprint, being both affordable and reducing shipping costs. Plus, you can have them printed with messages about the business’s sustainability practices to increase brand recognition and boost sales!

Custom boxes can withstand damage during transport, saving your business money on replacements while helping reduce landfill waste.


Custom packaging is essential to protecting the safety and image of your products during shipping. Selecting an attractive box that fits will protect them from damage while leaving an impressive first impression with customers and driving repeat sales. This type of durable custom packaging also promotes customer retention and retention rates that contributes to repeat business relationships and repeat sales.

Custom boxes are an effective way of spreading your brand’s message, from special offers and customer service instructions, to encouraging shoppers to post photos of their purchases online with the use of branded hashtags on packaging.

Custom-designed shipping boxes can save both money and time over the long-run, as they ensure product quality, prevent damages during transport, and offer more personalized unboxing experiences for recipients.

Easy to assemble

Packaging makes products convenient to transport, store, and use for consumers. It can also increase brand recognition while creating emotional attachment to them. A well-designed box can include logos and slogans to build brand recognition as well as fit a specific item precisely or include inserts for additional protection.

Custom boxes are tailored specifically to each product, eliminating wasteful materials and shipping costs. Custom packaging boxes often include filler material such as filler pads, scored pads, inner packing pieces and dividers in order to protect it during transit resulting in less damage to its contents; additionally they help keep food fresh for an extended period of time, helping preserve flavor and quality while being environmentally-friendly since less resources are used during production.


Custom packaging boxes offer an economical means of increasing brand visibility at every point in the distribution and delivery process, offering increased brand exposure throughout. Custom boxes leave an indelible mark for your brand that leads to increased word of mouth, social sharing, customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

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Boxes made of recycled materials can also be printed with custom inserts that surprise and delight your customers, and made without any harmful substances such as ink slicks that pollute aquatic life, further contributing to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, these boxes provide snug fitting padded protection for products inside, helping reduce shipping and handling costs as well as transit damage risk.