Getting a New TV Provider in Texas

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Getting a New TV Provider in Texas

We weren’t happy with our current TV provider. They kept increasing our rates and the service itself wasn’t even that good. We were paying an exorbitant amount of money for all these channels that we didn’t even watch. The packages just didn’t cut it so we decided that we would ditch them and try out another TV provider. After some researching we found a pretty solid direct tv in texas. This provider had exactly what we were looking for when it came down to pricing and the channels we wanted. We like specific channels such as comedy central, lifetime, HGTV, etc. They had all these channels in a very affordable package so we signed on. It turned out to be a huge ordeal to cancel our pre-existing cable. They sent us a cardboard box to ship the receiver back in. I decided it would be easier I just took the receiver and dropped it off in person at one of their physical stores. And that’s exactly what I did. I think it’s a bad idea to rely on the post office and I don’t want to get charged for a late delivery or god forbid, a missing package. So after we successfully cancelled our cable we had some guys come out to install our new dish.

Everything went according to plan and they were all very nice. They didn’t have to drill holes everywhere or make a mess of our house. I’ve heard horror stories of installation guys drilling giant, ugly holes into living room walls just to get the cable through the wall. Thank god we didn’t have to go through that. Once it was all set up I just called a number and had them activate our service over the phone. Not before long, we had our service ready and were watching TV!

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