Signing Up for New York, NY ADT Security

There sure has been a rash of weird crimes lately that I have been seeing in the news. I got a notepad and started to keep track about six months ago the crimes that were committed in our neighborhood. I would write them down when I saw them on the news or read about them in the newspaper. I would research ones neighbors told me about to confirm their truth. It got to be a lot of crimes, so I looked into New York, NY ADT security for our home. I think that early warning and having an agent at a monitoring center call for help is important. You never know when you might not be able to call for help.

I got quite a long list of crimes in our area. There was everything from theft to violent crimes. A lot of the stuff involved drugs even though we live in a quiet and clean community. I have a neighbor who says he relies on his dog. I want to offer protection for our dog with the alarm system too. Sure, she barks the alarm when a stranger is at the door. However, we are not home all of the time. She deserves smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection that is monitored while we are at work. She cannot open the door on her own to get out, so we need to have her protected while at home.

I have a peace of mind knowing that not only is there an alarm system connected at our house, but there is also 24-hour monitoring too. If the alarm does go off, The alarm company would know about it if we were all away at work or school. Alarms give you early warning of intrusion as well as for fire and smoke. Knowing when an emergency is happening as soon as possible is beneficial to survival.