Looking for a Good Satellite Package

I have been doing without any sort cable TV or anything like that since I moved in to the place I am living now. It was a necessary decision. You just are not required to have a pay TV service, although like most people I enjoy having it when I want. Of course I had to have the Internet and I paid for that, even though I settled for a thirty dollar per month wireless internet provider. At any rate now I have the money for something inexpensive and I have started looking for more information here about the subject of satellite TV packages. Obviously I have decided that the local cable company just charges too much money and it certainly appears that in my price range the best deal is going to be on a satellite system. I have some thought of doing something a bit on the clever side. Of course my brother in law is the one who was telling me we could do this.

He already has a satellite system and he is paying about thirty five dollars a month for a relatively decent package of programming. He has a good package, but not anything like the best variety that you can get. He has two of the decoder boxes, one for his den and another for his living room. I think he has their version of the DVR as well. The extra box costs him five dollars a month more. So he could get two more boxes for 10 dollars more a month. Of course the idea is that you can get another dish and put it on the roof of my house. The bill would go up to 45 dollars a month and maybe you add a couple of channels, then the two of us split the costs.