Bought a Little House in the Country

Of course Jackie and I are both working for the local government up here now. I am with the tax department for Logan county and she is with the local school system. So we are living up here in this part of the Arkansas River Valley. You can do all sorts of cool outdoor stuff up here and we like that a lot. Of course we have found us a little place out in the woods with about two and a half acres of land. We got a deal on DSL for Booneville and a direct TV satellite system, although it does not get much more than a minimum number of channels. We just got the cheapest deal on TV and internet that we could find. It sort of put a bit of a strain on us to come up with the down payment on this place and right now we are working to build up something in reserve. Both of us like to have money set aside in case there is a need for it.

At any rate we are living a real country lifestyle. I even bought a nanny goat for the goat milk and these three laying hens. There was a little hen house on the place when we got it and we figured there was not much wrong with fresh eggs. Of course Jackie knows her way around chickens because her family had a farm and so she is the one who is in charge of them. I do not think they would listen to me, but of course they seem to understand who has the chicken feed very well. I do not think they are all that smart really, but Jackie has been trying to convince me that she is going to teach them to count to ten.