Going to Remodel My House Soon

I have to make a plan first and obviously I have to set a budget and make priorities. We have been looking to get quotes on the parts of the job which we know that we do not want to do ourselves. So first off we have to have some kind of master plan obviously. I have a friend who is a plumber in Essex county NJ and he has given me a rough idea of what I need should cost me. Of course he is down there and he is too busy to be driving up here to help me out. Instead I have to figure out who is going to give me a good deal. I can do some of it, but there is some electrical work that needs to be redone and the big job is going to be to rip out the old tub and replace it with a modern shower stall.

The tub that they have in this place is probably forty some years old and it looks like a real mess. It is not something that you want to be fooling around with if you are a person like me, because it just seems like the cost of having a pro do it is a lot better than the pain of trying to figure it out for yourself. The first thing is that you would have to tear out the old tub and it is not something that is going to be done very easily. It is something that you are going to need some heavy duty tools for, probably a reciprocating saw and a demolition hammer and that sort of gear. Of course after you rip it out you have to figure out how to get the shower put in as soon as possible.